TMKEd is part of Teach My Kids. We aim to provide valuable resources to teachers and parents to help improve children’s Numeracy and Literacy skills. All our workbooks and worksheets support the National Curriculum, reinforcing skills, concepts and knowledge taught in school.

Our Principles and Aims.
• Children should have the opportunity to develop sound Literacy and Numeracy skills before they leave Primary School.
• The foundations in learning laid between the ages of 4 – 11 years, are key in ensuring children can further progress in Literacy and Numeracy with ease.
• Gaps in primary Literacy and Numeracy learning need to be filled to ensure a good understanding of concepts and skills.
• Learning should be reinforced and consolidated regularly to ensure it is remembered and not just memorised for the short term.

Our Ethos
• To provide Literacy and Numeracy resources that ensure learning takes place.
• To provide guidance and support through explanations and examples within the resources we provide.
• To provide a variety of activities in Literacy and Numeracy to accommodate the different learning styles each child prefers.
• To cover a broad range of topic areas within Literacy and Numeracy, allowing children to learn, reinforce and consolidate key skills taught at school, as identified in the National Curriculum.

Every child is different and learns at a different rate. They all have their own preferred learning styles. TMKed understands that children need to revisit skills learnt in Literacy and Numeracy on a regular basis, so that they can consolidate previous learning and build on it. Our workbooks and worksheets take this fact into account and ensure there is progressive learning throughout the activities we provide.


We are a hard working team with a passion to deliver the best Literacy and Numeracy resources we possibly can.

From our teachers to our developers, we have one mission in mind; to make life a little bit easier for parents and teachers alike.

Oh and we also like cycling, cooking for fun, completing word searches, playing the guitar, reading magazines ... 🙂